SAL is happy to endorse and support the two following charities over the next 12 months:


The Asian Circle 

The Asian Circle is a network of UK-based Asian women from all walks of life who have a shared passion to support vulnerable women in India and South Asia.

The newest affiliate to The Circle, The Asian Circle, was founded by Santosh Bhanot, and launched in November 2013 at the Houses of Parliament.

An Executive Committee provides leadership and direction for the group, which aims to support projects that increase South Asian women’s ability to participate in their communities by strengthening their voices, gaining equality and improving their earning potential.

The Asian Circle hosts a wide variety of fundraising and networking events in London. They have organised film screenings, including The True Cost at SOAS and of Chalk ‘n’ Duster and Ajji at Regent Street Cinema. Every summer, they have their popular Summer Party, which was attended by comedian Shazia Mirza in 2017. They created the concept of Chai Day and launched it in 2015. The Asian Circle and their supporters organised several Chai Days in 2017, including one at the British High Commission in New Delhi and the official The Asian Circle Chai Day at Montys, in Ealing, which was attended by The Great British Bake Off star Rav Bansal.

Include Me Too

Include Me TOO (IM2) is national charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families from diverse range of backgrounds. Include Me TOO supports and promotes social justice, equality and rights for all disabled children and young people. We provide a range of support including peer support, befriending services, activities and holiday clubs for disabled children, outreach and information and advice to families.

Include Me TOO are committed and determined to achieve the vision set out in the 10 standards of our National Charter Of Rights for Disabled Children & Young People. We do this by working together with families, supporting parents and carers to become Champions; support Disabled Children, Young People and their Siblings to become Ambassadors and Role Models and supporting Communities to become more involved and inclusive.

Since 2002 Include Me TOO (IM2) has been working locally, regionally, nationally and internationally profiling disabled children and young people as integral members of society with equal rights. IM2 is driven by disabled children & young people and their families, who in the past have not been represented equally or not had their voices heard. IM2 continues to support them too collectively and individually to express their aspirations and views as well as being valued and taken seriously by society. IM2 developed the seven key principles of the RESPECT CODE which underpin the organisation’s work alongside the National Include Me TOO Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People

Include Me TOO Aims and Objectives:

  • Supporting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic and other marginalised communities disabled children, young people and their families to access information, advice and support
  • Provide an opportunity for parents & carers from our diverse communities to collaborate, share skills and experiences to support one another through peer and mentoring support
  • Provide cultural, holistic support and increase awareness of the full range of local services available for disabled children, young people and their families from our diverse communities, promoting inclusive, accessible, culturally appropriate and reflective services, combining and supporting an holistic, multi-agency approach
  • Increase representation and involvement of all disabled children, young people and their families at all levels of service delivery and decision making processes
  • Increase disability awareness, understanding and inclusion within our diverse communities through partnership with mainstream and grassroots diverse groups, faith, voluntary and community groups
  • Campaign and support marginalised voices of disabled children, young people and their families from diverse and marginalised communities to ensure equality, inclusion and their rights and aspirations are supported and recognised
  • Support the vision of the charity ‘A Disability Friendly, Inclusive & Safe Society’, through a range of training increasing awareness, inclusion, participation, equality and rights of all disabled children, young people and their families

For further information on the two charities and how to get involved, visit their websites by clicking on their names here, The Asian Circle and Include Me too.