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The new Immigration Act 2014 heralded a new hard line approach by the Coalition Government. The new Act has been the subject of much media scrutiny, particularly given the heightened fear that UKIP was perpetuating about the Coalition Government’s inability to ‘control’ immigration.

So, what is it all about?

In short, it all starts from the general British public’s fear of ‘mass immigration’, or so the politicians would have you believe. The myth that employment opportunities available to British Citizens would decrease, that the NHS would be over burdened by those seeking free medical assistance, that those entering the UK would be doing so to solely claim social benefits, that those entering the UK would engage in criminality in the and in turn end up in a tax payer funded prison establishment.

The new Act seeks to ensure the following:

  • That channels of communication open up even more between various governmental agencies, with the specific aim of detecting those without permission in the UK.
  • That driving licences of those without lawful status to reside in the UK are revoked.
  • That the Home Office is given the power to access NHS records under Data Protection Act laws to track down foreign migrants accessing medical treatment.
  • To impose new restrictions on landlords so that landlords are only permitted to rent out their properties to persons with lawful status. Any landlord found to be in breach of the above restriction will face a financial penalty.
  • To reduce the appeal rights significantly for individuals whose immigration applications were refused by the Home Office (unreasonably or not).

The Society of Asian Lawyers intends to try & decipher whether the statistics of those entering & leaving the UK is reflective of the headline grabbing articles that we come across on an almost daily basis. Detailed reference will be made to the new report released by the Office for National Statistics on immigration dated the 28th August 2014.

Shabab Hamid
Society of Asian Lawyers

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