• Institutional racism laid bare: the fight for Justice for Shukri continues

    The body of 12 year old Shukri Abdi was found in the River Irwell in Bury, in June 2019. A group of children were with her at the river before she died. The case is shrouded with allegations of bullying at school and police failings. Attiq Malik explores the issue of institutional racism.

  • Racial Discrimination & Mental Health – 25.11.20 – A Review

    At this event, held in collaboration with the SRA, we explored how racial discrimination in the workplace can impact one’s mental health. We also discussed coping strategies. Read more here.

  • World Mental Health Day 2020 – a BAME perspective

    Mental Health Day from the perspective of lawyer from an ethnic minority background. Click title to read more.

  • Honour Killing – an update

    Honour killing and honour violence remain devastating issues in Asian and Minority Communities in the UK. Barrister, Lynne Townley looks at the true story of Banaz Mahmoud (recently dramatised by ITV) who was killed by her own family to restore their honour. Click the title to read more.