Welcome to the SAL Mentoring Scheme, a voluntary service run by SAL for the purposes of:

(i) raising awareness of the legal profession amongst the Asian community; and

(ii) promoting the careers of the Asian community within the legal profession.

We have a pool of highly experienced mentors, with particular expertise in the following areas:

  1. Commercial law;
  2. Criminal law;
  3. Personal Injury;
  4. Family law; and
  5. Public law (Immigration).

Our mentors are ready to help you in relation to the following:

a. Why law? including by reference to specific sub-specialities of law.

b. Guidance with CVs and applications for:

  • Vacation schemes/internships;
  • Training contracts; and
  • Pupillage.

c. Guidance on qualification as a solicitor or barrister.

d. Guidance on career progression, including partnership.

e. Any further specific queries.

The Mentoring Scheme is open to members of SAL only. To benefit from the Mentoring Scheme, you do not need to satisfy any additional criteria.

If you would like guidance from one of the mentors in relation to one of the specific matters listed above, please complete the attached MENTEE APPLICATION FORM HERE and send it to the SAL Secretary (

If you are interested in becoming part of our pool of mentors, please also contact the SAL Secretary.

Although members will appreciate that we cannot guarantee results through our Mentoring Scheme, we encourage members to make use of the Mentoring Scheme and the expertise and experience of our mentors.

SAL Committee