“I am an Immigrant” poster campaign takes off


SAL Committee Member, Shabab Hamid has recently been involved in the positive national campaign to highlight the positive contributions migrants make to the United Kingdom, be it culture, music, food or the economy. The ‘I Am An Immigrant’ poster campaign has gathered immense pace and support from various Embassies through the world, and non-governmental organisations, human rights groups, who all support spreading the positive message. The poster campaign successfully raised funds through Crowdfunder to find funding in making the campaign nationwide.

Shabab commented: “The poster campaign is a fantastic reminder of why the United Kingdom is the best country in the world in welcoming migrants. Various independent reports all support the proposition that immigration is always a good thing for any country. Furthermore, the campaign is about empowering individuals who are migrants and celebrating their contribution to the country. The poster campaign offers a human face during what is a dehumanisation of the immigrant”

See the fantastic poster campaign at http://www.iamanimmigrant.net for further information.

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